Grounded Sportswear is a local brand created to fulfil every women’s needs in activewear. The idea was born in 2020 when the pandemic shocked the world . We needed to find the motivation to look into the future, hoping that this will be over soon.  Being active was what kept us healthy, sane and provided us with the energy to be productive and keep going.



Our mission is to create sportswear which support all women’s needs  with the most extraordinary fit, breathable materials and great designs. Whether you are an athlete, train at home or at the gym, we are here for you. We want to make you feel the best version of you when wearing our garments. Feel strong, feel independent, feel Grounded!


Grounded sportswear is built based on the needs of all women to feel powerful as they train to be the very best version of themselves. We want to help you feel comfortable, secure and most of all, confident while training with simple designs which look amazing on every woman of all shapes and sizes. This is only the beginning of our journey and we hope to have you with us every step of the way.

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